We provide translation & localization for a variety of specializations
including automotive, industrial, computer software & hardware,
consumer goods, websites, mobile applications – and more.


Reliable customer service, top-quality translation, on-time delivery: these are our uncompromising standards. Our experienced language translation specialists uphold the highest professionals standards, delivering on our promise of providing you with “Top quality, above all!”


We are dedicated industry professionals who gain a personal sense of satisfaction from what we do; we love our work! Naturally, people who enjoy and take a sense of pride in their work produce better results. Our reputation is built upon our own personal standards of quality and service – and on your satisfaction!


At “Targum-Tech” we do everything we can to conserve natural resources. Thus, our entire workflow is delivered in digital format only. We also upgraded our headquarters with energy-efficient lighting and office equipment. We recycle everything we can, and make every effort to conserve energy and reduce waste – because we have no other planet!

Our Vision


    We constantly keep pace with the most cutting-edge technologies available and implement the best of these in order to improve productivity, quality – and above all, your bottom line!

    All of our translators are held to the highest quality standards and have been subject to our strict internal testing requirements.

    It is our mission to provide specialized professional, precise, native-quality language translation that expands your global reach and creates added value to your business.

Why Us?

Extensive experience in various technical domains

We only collaborate with experienced, dedicated language professionals who have met our strict internal testing standards. Technical translation requires in-depth, practical experience in a particular field of specialization. We speak your language – in the technical and linguistic sense!

Improvement through advanced technology

We use state-of-the-art technology to help manage and simplify our translation process. Although certainly not a substitute for human knowledge (all of our translations are always performed by a real human being), these advanced tools allow us to ensure accuracy and consistency in terminology usage – while streamlining and improving our quality assurance procedures.

Asking the right questions

Part of being an excellent translator includes asking questions on matters that may require clarification. We take the time to request further information from you to ensure we fully understand the context and intent of your material. In the end, this saves time and money for our clients – while improving both the speed and accuracy of the translation. In other words: If we have any questions, we’re not afraid to ask!


Targum-Tech can guide you through the translation process from start to finish, offering added-value services including DTP,
pre-printing, coding / programming, a/v production, and more –
so you can spend your time focusing on your current clients and on bringing in new business – thus increasing your profit margin.


We understand your industry’s technical details and vocabulary and create a unique terminology database for each client – so when you ask us to change a particular term used within your industry or company, you won’t have to ask twice!


Language and culture are our passions, and we enjoy keeping up to date with the latest news and most current innovations in the world of translation. We believe that when you love what you are doing, you will never have to work a single day in your life!



We provide translation of technical documentation, instruction, installation & maintenance manuals, training manuals, owner’s manuals, fashion & cosmetics documentation, certificates, subtitles, websites & mobile apps – in addition to general business and marketing materials.


We will create a unique glossary for your products, brands or organization. The use of translation tools to manage specialized terminology allows us to ensure consistency along with a high level of efficiency.

Software Localization

We handle all processes involved in assembling the translation programming code for software UI/UX, mobile applications, websites and more. This complex process requires extensive knowledge of programming languages and software coding – in addition to mastery of the linguistic translation of your source text.

Quality Assurance

Our quality processes ensure the highest level of accuracy in the final output of your translated material, and the job is not complete until we have fulfilled all your requirements. Our processes includes a final proofreading by a professional editor prior to delivery; providing a detailed checklist for your approval; automated control over the consistency in translation and use of proper terminology usage; and a comparison of your layout and graphics in the source and target languages.

Copy Editing

A certified copy editor performs a
two-phase examination of your translated text. During the first phase, the copy editor checks the accuracy of the translation in comparison to the source text and then examines the text for proper spelling, punctuation, syntax and grammar. In the second phase, the copy editor monitors for consistency throughout the text and accurate terminology usage, in addition to reviewing the writing style to ensure proper tone and clarity.


Our DTP specialists ensure that the layout of your translated file remains consistent with the source document – even for Right-To-Left (RTL) languages such as Arabic and Hebrew which in some cases requires specialized software, applications and fonts. When the process is complete, all text and graphics are formatted in a layout that matches exactly or as closely as possible to the original – thus maintaining the integrity of your message across languages and cultures.


Translating subtitles requires a variety of skills including consistent proofreading and the synchronization & time coding of all lines of text. Our careful QA process verifies accuracy in all production aspects to ensure the final video meets or exceeds your expectations. We also provide CD/DVD duplication services and we can prepare presentations that include embedded video – while handling all the technical details from uploading video clips to a dedicated web server to maintaining proper file compression algorithms for fast loading of your material when the time comes to
present it.

Print & Production

Targum-Tech provides a seamless, comprehensive solution that includes printing & production services in addition to translation and DTP. We can handle all aspects of the process while guiding you in the initial project stages of your project in order to  ensure optimal printing / production of your final
output – whether on paper, canvas, glass, ceramics, plastic, etc. There is a wide range of possibilities are enabled by the technologies available today and our extensive experience allows us not only to  help you prepare your translation for its final destination, but also to assist you in identifying the best methods in order to reach your desired market.

Personal Attention

We recognize the unique needs of each client and take a personalized approach to everything we do – all the way through to printing and production. We can even tailor your message to each of your individual customers or clients. For example, with one of our well-known automotive clients we recommended an owner’s manual that included a personal letter individually addressed to each vehicle buyer – along with the customer’s name embossed in gold leaf on the cover of the manual. Now, that’s impressive!

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